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Katie’s Komments: October 2023

I was “today years old” when I finally realized (and admitted) that fall is my favorite season! I love the warm summer days and nights, so it has always felt right to claim summer as my favorite, but no, it’s definitely fall. And it’s here, so let’s get our fall on….

Potted mums are a must for your front or back porch. Surround them with pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors. There is such a unique variety of pumpkins to choose from nowadays. I’ve seen the best selections at Walmart and Trader Joes. Inside, get out the cozy blankets and pillows! This is a fabulous way to change up your color scheme and to add some fun texture to your living spaces. The amount of insanely soft, chunky, furry throw blankets in gorgeous moody fall colors out there is amazing. Every time I walk into Home Goods I want to buy a blanket. No need to buy all new pillows! Check out amazon or Hobby Lobby for pillow covers and just swap them out for the season. Go ahead and light that pumpkin candle. Although it isn’t my favorite scent, it tends to grow on me this time of year.. It definitely adds to the ambiance of the season.

I love fall! It’s my fave because I love mums. I love the neutral colored decor that happens to jive really nicely with the rest of my home’s neutral decor. I love breaking out the jeans, sweaters, and boots. I love the beautiful Indian Summer days with clear blue skies and warm sun shining down. These are my favorite days, hands down. I love the cool nights sitting around a fire, whether it’s inside or outside. I love watching my kids play sports again. I love the anticipation of the holidays, and I’m definitely ready to switch from white to red. Fall is here…I hope you embrace it and enjoy it!