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Katie’s Komments: April 2023

One of the primary goals of staging your home is to depersonalize, but how do you depersonalize the most personal of spaces in your home, the bathrooms? Bathrooms are very personal, so it is crucial to make sure you have removed any evidence of another human using that space! Keep in mind that buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in your house, and that is next to impossible when personal items are on display in the bathrooms.

Start by minimizing items in the drawers and cabinet space in the vanity. The more space you can create here, the cleaner it will look and the more space you will have to store a few of your daily necessities. Remember, it’s temporary, so if you need to find space in a closet for extra towels or supplies you won’t need daily, do that. You can even pack up the items that you won’t be using before the move.

Remove all items from the shower including soap, shampoos and sponges. Do not store any personal hygiene items on top of the vanity. Use the space you just created inside the vanity to conceal these things! Put bath mats and regularly used towels away. If you have a hamper or dirty laundry basket in your bathroom, store it in a closet or out of sight. Finally, remove the toilet brush and garbage can from the room.

Once you have depersonalized, it is time to deep clean and simply style it. Use fresh white towels on the towel racks, hang a simple new white shower curtain. Add a green or two to the countertop and you are good to go!

Taking these extra steps can make the difference between an offer or being crossed off the list! Although buyers know that the homeowners use their bathrooms, they don’t want to be reminded of that, and they certainly don’t want a visual! Keep it sparse, simple and spotless!