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Market Update: August 2022

This month's market update focus is supply and demand. Demand overall is down but has recently held steady as interest rates have actually improved (30-year Fixed

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Katie’s Komment’s: August 2022

Back to school is right around the corner. Time to clean out those backpacks! I love having the kids home for the summer, but having the house in a perpetual state of disarray is less than ideal for me. Back to school means a fresh start for ev...

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Market Update: July 2022

As the word "shift" continues to be the buzz word for the market, the data is backing it up. Total housing inventory increased almost 13% nationwide and for the Western Suburbs, most areas reached a 6-month low for percentage of homes under con...

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Katie’s Komment’s July 2022

In my quest to explore staging and all there is to know about it, I’ve come across a statement that caught my attention, and I took a double take. “Staging doesn’t sell a home.” Whaaaat?? One would argue this, as we often say “staging...

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Market Update June 2022

The National Association of Realtors just announced that they now predict 900,000 LESS home sales this year than previously predicted at the start of 2022. This coupled with the increase in mortgage rates seems to point to a shift in the market...

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Katie’s Komments June 2022

Staging and Styling tip: Greens, live or faux, seem to be all the rage these days! They are fun to incorporate into any decor style. Before I started staging homes I was more of a dried flowers and branches girl. It didn’t take me long to rea...

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Market Update May 2022

What is the future of Home Affordability? We are all seeing the graphics on social media about how the increasing rates are affecting the purchasing power for buyers. Last year when rates were just south of 3%, buyers were able to absorb the...

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Katie’s Komments May 2022

First impressions…you only get one chance! When getting their house ready for the market some people tend to direct their focus more on the interior of the home than the exterior. It’s easy to do, but can be a costly oversight. Let’s face...

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