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Katie’s Komments: February 2023

Time to talk about a few of the predicted home decor trends for 2023!

The warm, earthy palette is still among us. This includes wall color, as well as blankets, furniture, decorative pieces and even floor color. Light, neutral colored floors are a super hot trend right now! Live plants, rattan pieces, bamboo, sustainable cottons and camel/beige tones all complement the nature inspired look. I love it!

Lighting is, and will continue to be a strong statement in home decor. It is easy to find on trend lighting that pairs with your decor style these days….and it can be done very economically! This is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to update your look!

Other fun things to look for or incorporate this year include home wine bars, updated office spaces, wallpapered walls and/or ceilings, and monochrome paint trends (walls, trim, doors painted the same deep, moody color). A mix of modern pieces and vintage pieces has also been noted as a rising trend. Finally, dark moody interiors are still trending. Rich tones of greens, plums and blues have been added to the black and dark gray that we’ve been seeing for the last year or so. Pair these tones with some leather for a rich and cozy space.

While it is fun to read about current trends, it is important to remember that a trend is just a trend, and your home should reflect you and all of the things that YOU love. There is no pressure to follow trends…unless you are soon to be selling!