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Katie’s Komment’s July 2022

In my quest to explore staging and all there is to know about it, I’ve come across a statement that caught my attention, and I took a double take. “Staging doesn’t sell a home.” Whaaaat?? One would argue this, as we often say “staging sells.” However, it is true! The features do sell the home, but how does staging affect the process? Well, staging brings the emotion that helps create an attachment between the buyer and the house. It is crucial to create this positive emotion so that buyers fall in love with the home and all that it has to offer. Once that positive emotion has been established, buyers are more likely to overlook anything negative or technical that may come up. They’ve already envisioned themselves living in the space, and that is priceless. Buyers buy on emotion and justify on logic. So, although the features of the home are what ultimately sells it, accentuating those features in a warm and welcoming manner helps to show the home in its very best light. THIS makes the home stand out against the competition and win the hearts of buyers.