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Katie’s Komments June 2022

Staging and Styling tip: Greens, live or faux, seem to be all the rage these days! They are fun to incorporate into any decor style. Before I started staging homes I was more of a dried flowers and branches girl. It didn’t take me long to realize what a difference green plants can make in my own home. We use greens in staging to add “life” to a room. They also add a much needed pop of color and bit of texture to our spaces. In your own home, greens can add the same benefits, as well as enhance your decor. I am seeing a great variety of faux and live greens in the stores and boutiques lately. If you have a green thumb, there are some fun local stores that sell trendy live greens and cute planters and pots. Not only do live greens look amazing, they are also known to reduce stress, absorb toxins and produce oxygen! Who doesn’t love that? Be sure to check out which greens are trending, as they tend to change periodically. In other words, time to swap out the old ficus tree for something current such as a monstera or fiddle leaf plant.